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TGS Mission and Vision

The Graham School Mission

The Graham School has a particular mission to urban students in Central Ohio preparing them for lifelong learning and informed citizenship through real-world experiences and rigorous academics. Fostering ownership and responsibility for their education prepares our students to be successful in college, the workplace, and other endeavors they undertake upon leaving Graham.

The Graham School Vision

The vision that formed and fuels TGS is as a school that:
• Treats all students humanely and individually.
• Serves the urban community of Columbus.
• Enlivens the human spirit via concerned and positive ways mature, wise adults interact with teenagers and serve as role models for them.
• Causes students to become more thoughtful, inquisitive people particularly in core literacy areas including: science; math; the arts; communication through literature, writing, and oral presentation; technology; social studies; languages and cultural studies; and community engagement.
• Respects the need for students to establish their own independence while at the same time developing in them a sense of commitment to their community.
• Is a place where adults working at the school always exhibit respect toward students and other adults.
• Serves every child equally who desires this kind of experiential education.

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