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Requirements for Graduation

Academic Requirements

The table below details the minimum number of academic credits a student must earn to graduate from The Graham School. One academic credit is earned in a specific discipline when a student successfully completes a year's study in that area.

Area of Discipline Required Credit
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
Social Science 3
Foreign/Cultural 2
Fine Arts 1
Technology 1
Health 0.5
Physical Education 0.5
Financial Literacy 0.5
Experiential Between 3 and 6*
* This number is determined by the number of years a student is enrolled at The Graham School

     The academic requirements for graduation from The Graham School meet or exceed the minimum standards set by the State of Ohio.

Experiential Requirements

     Each Graham student must accumulate experiential credit in order to graduate from The Graham School. Experiential credit is earned when students engage in Partner Site placements and satisfy the expectations in accord with each site. For more information on the Experiential Program, please see the Experiential Program section of this website.

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